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The Bangalow A&I Hall sits in the heart of the picturesque village of Bangalow, just a 10-minute drive from Byron Bay. Now a multi purpose venue with a maximum capacity of 400 people. (NOTE Covid restrictions as of 14 Dec 2020 limit current capacity to 293). The A&I Hall comprises of a versatile main hall, with a separate upper level; a stage and backstage area; plus, a foyer, kitchen and several verandas.

The A&I Hall has become the focal point of Bangalow's cultural life and a popular venue for private functions - housing an incredibly diverse range of events from local theatre productions to touring music and comedy events; conferences to dance parties; wellness expos to weddings.

The Bangalow A&I Hall is available for hire and can accommodate a range of shows and private functions from 20 to 400 people. More information on booking the venue here


The History of the Hall

First established in 1911, the Bangalow Hall was originally used as the centre point for the annual Agriculture & Industrial show. The hall was also used for picture shows, debutante balls, community gatherings and, in war time, for soldier's farewells and welcome home concerts.

Over the 100+ years, the iconic hall has seen various other incarnations including a venue for dances, skating, weddings, markets, flower shows, and even an emergency hospital during the 1919 flu epidemic, plus a host of other activities.

The hall has had both an illustrious and precarious past. It almost fell into complete disuse in the latter part of the 20th century and its demolition was imminent. Then, thankfully, in 1991 the process begun of revitalising the building to her former glory. After a lot of hard work, the hall restoration was finally completed and the venue was officially re-opened on the 11th June, 1994.

Since the refurbishment the hall has been kept in good repair and the décor maintained to a high standard. Today the Hall is a wonderful combination of classical elegance and modern amenities.

Contact us for more information on hosting your event at the Bangalow Hall.

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